Wednesday, October 31, 2012

It's a Lazy Day

It’s one of those days.

You know the ones.

It’s the kind of day that whispers relax, take it easy, and maybe even snuggle back under the covers. The weather is miserable and overcast still. Without the leaves on the trees it’s hard to ignore the impending winter.

These kind of days always make me feel quiet and extra lazy. As I sit here trying to write my mind keeps wandering off to nowhere in particular.

Yes...definitely one of those days. I think I’ll follow my mind and saunter off to nowhere in particular. I have a big pile of books sitting on my bedside table calling my name so I think maybe I will snuggle back under the covers and catch up on my reading.

It’s the perfect day for it.

Here’s what I’m currently reading.... 

What about you - anyone reading anything worth recommending?

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Indian Summer

Is there anything more soul soothing than a beautiful Indian summer day? I mean really? Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous; probably since it’s very likely the last beautiful warm day until next spring.

I sent the afternoon out wandering the fields with the girls and my camera. The light and shadows were just perfect so I shot about 150 pics.

Here are a few to see. If you’d like to see more I posted a few more at Awen Studio.