Monday, March 25, 2013

Staycation Follow up

I'd like to say I'm a week late in reporting on my staycation because I took a second week but unfortunately that's not the case. My computer died and at first I took it as a little break from too much time on the computer, then it got really irritating and I tried to fix it....then I started sharing Jon's computer.

It doesn't work. I need my own computer. Yes I said need. I am a person who is completely aware of the difference between needs and wants and I NEED my own computer!! There I said it; tangent over, now we can move on. :-)

All in all my staycation was a little better than last year but it had very little do with design and more to do with happenstance. And I 'm ok with that. With Bradley in Punta Cana and Jon busy with his own stuff I didn't need to be on any schedule at all and that was really my goal.

I read 4 novels and 1 'real' book. I lounged in the tub every day. I slept in a couple of days and even better I went to bed early twice. I puttered around the house and did some more organizing. I started painting again and I listened to Led Zeppelin at full volume several times. All good stuff!

I'm not feeling as rested as I might like to be but I am feeling good. Although I didn't get away from home it was nice to take a few days mostly for myself and I feel better for it.

Since spring is around the corner (it has to be...right?!) I'm feeling good with garden anticipation and dreams of flowers and warm breezes running through my mind so I'll be good now until fall, when if all goes well Jon and I will be able to get away for our anniversary.

In the mean time garden planning is taking centre stage and that's almost as awesome as the garden itself.


Hurry Spring. Hurry!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Down Memory Lane

As I’ve been working on my studio I’ve come across a ton stuff that needs to be organized better and what a trip I’ve taken down memory lane.

I tell myself with some regularity that I’m not a sentimental person – I have to call me out on that one. I’ve been lying apparently.

(BTW, this is a long one – but it’s mostly pictures.) J

This is some of the stuff I’ve been keeping....

An assignment I did in grade 8. I must have kept it because I got an A+.

A book Bradley made in Grade 1

Another one of Bradley's early projects.

What a cutie patutie Bradley was with his shaggy hair. 

About 20 years ago I was trying to decide what to do
 with my hair (some thing never change!!) and 
I thought spending 20 bucks
 on this was a good idea. 
I guess I had more money back then, lol. 

Both the boys were early writers! 

Me dressed up for my grade 8 graduation with my graduation gift from my parents..
it's a GT 80 and I loved it!! 

A Mother's Day gift from Shane.
One of my favourites. 

An assignment of mine from grade 8. I guess I kept it
because I find sneezing fascinating. 

Shane seeing Santa. 

My Dad's pet name for me was Spook (I have no idea why).
I found this in a pile of kids stuff - it's from 1986. 

 A scrap book I started for Shane when he started school. 
It's full of goodies!

This has been fun. I wonder what else I'll come across as I continue to go through our stuff and get organized. I'm looking forward to finding out!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Studio Overhaul

Got my work shoes on
and I'm good to go!

My studio is a mess...a big mess!

Where stuff is going (for now.)

I decided just before Christmas to take over the living room as my studio so I’d have more space and then I chickened out. (That’s the only way to tell you honestly why it didn’t happen.) Which meant I needed to seriously get organizing my space if I was going to make it workable for me. As you can see from the above image I was a little lax in that department. 

Here’s my excuse – I signed up for an art course.

I decided to take LifeBook 2013 way back in October. I signed up and I was so excited but then January came and all of a sudden I wasn’t excited anymore. Resistance set in.

I have about a million excuses as to why I haven’t started it yet. First it was a lack of supplies and then it was too cold in the studio, then it was the mess and the lack of space. Blah, blah, blah...bullshit.

Do you ever get tired of your own crap? I do, I did this week. I decided that if I really wasn’t going to take over the living room to have the space I need I’d like, then I needed to get serious about tidying and organizing the space I do have.

Getting there.
There was a lot of stuff on my table!

I stepped into the studio on Monday and I was completely overwhelmed by the mess and all the stuff I don’t have space for so I immediately stepped back out. Monday evening I was putting the girls out after dinner and I figured out my storage issues – just like that! We have an old filing cabinet that my in laws gave us a while ago that doesn’t fit our files so it’s been waiting patiently for Jon to take it to the scrap pile. I’m going to spiff it up with a new paint job and then I’ll be good for storage (at least for now, lol.)

I will show you that transformation as soon as I get to it. In the mean time I’ve been working away and I’m actually making great progress.

Look what I found, an unfinished floorcloth!!
I am seriously getting the hang of this organizing stuff, Yay!

Stay tuned for updates! J

Friday, March 8, 2013

2nd Annual Staycation

Another year has come and gone. I spent a week or so at the lake in the fall for my anniversary but it was anything but relaxing since we brought the dogs along.  (You’d think my country dogs would be used to country sounds...but no, apparently not.)

I’m in dire need of some downtime, some relaxation and some time to look after myself rather than everyone else. I’m sure many of you can relate to that.

Last year I came up with the whole idea of a staycation and you can read about it and what I had planned for it HERE. If you’d like to read about how it went check out this LINK.

I’m taking this coming week because Bradley will be in Punta Cana for March break and I figure it might be easier with one of my guys away from home.

I’m exhausted and my only real hope for the week is that I end it feeling well rested.

So with that end in mind I plan to do very little besides lounge around and read/nap/relax. I might take a walk or two and some pictures but really I plan to do nothing. If things happen to go my way I might actually make my staycation a real vacation for a night or two.

Resting is the plan, but for me to be successful with that I need a few guidelines. Here they are.....

Yes to:

~ Lounging on the couch
~ Naps
~ Good books
~ Gentle walks around the yard
~ Playing with the girls
~ Some photos
~ Garden planning
~ Puttering around the house and yard
~ Some painting/drawing
~ Limited computer time

No to:

~ Stress
~ Schedules
~ The telephone
~ Television

** I’d like to say that I’m saying no to worry too but with Bradley in Punta Cana there is NO chance of that so I’m going to do my best to not obsess.

I’ve wanted to go to Galilee Retreat Centre for years now and if the snow has melted enough that I can walk their labyrinth I might see about spending a night or two there. Since it’s only 20 minutes away from home I’m not sure it qualities as getting away though, but if I can get there I’ll be able to strike one more thing off my fun stuff list.

I’m hoping this staycation goes better than last year. I’ll let you know and in the meantime if you have any suggestions for good reads I’ll take them!